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  The Ultimate Hand Helper provides targeted hand exercise

The Ultimate Hand Helper®
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 The Ultimate Hand Helper provides excellent hand exercise 

Welcome To Hand Helper® Hand Exerciser Products

Active hands are what the Hand Helper hand exercise products are all about.

Hands are integral to your health and well-being. We realize  this when we do simple things like turn a door knob or grasp the car keys with our fingers. The same is true with our favorite work and recreational activities like sports, music, hobbies such as woodworking, knitting, gardening and more.
  • Perform gentle hand exercise
  • Increase flexibility
  • Ease joint stiffness
  • Rebuild hand strength

Hand Helper Hand Exercise Products for Active Hands
For some of us, useful, active hands help us defend against the disabling problems related to repetitive stress injuries (like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), or arthritis along with aging which can cause loss of strength, increased stiffness, and reduced flexibility in your fingers, wrists and forearms.

Hand Helper Hand Exercise Products for Prevention
Helping to prevent these problems from occurring is possible using the Ultimate Hand Helper, Hand Helper, Finger Helper, Thumb Helper, ISO Hand Helper or Soft Touch Kit hand and finger exercise products.  Using the Hand Helper will help your hands and forearms return to a more useful and active condition.

The Hand Helper hand exercise products' small, lightweight designs allow you to easily store or travel with your Ultimate Hand Helper, Finger Helper, Thumb Helper, ISO Hand Helper or Soft Touch Kit hand exerciser.

Learn more about hand exercise and our products using our product recommendation chart which can help you find the right product as it relates to your condition. Additionally, we have information related to gentle exercise, repetitive stress injuries & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,and arthritis.



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